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Deno standard library
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Provides the KeyStack class which implements the KeyRing interface for managing rotatable keys.


A cryptographic key chain which allows signing of data to prevent tampering, but also allows for easy key rotation without needing to re-sign the data.


An wrapper for WebCrypto adding support for additional non-standard algorithms, but delegating to the runtime WebCrypto implementation whenever possible.

All cryptographic hash/digest algorithms supported by std/crypto/_wasm.


When checking the values of cryptographic hashes are equal, default comparisons can be susceptible to timing based attacks, where attacker is able to find out information about the host system by repeatedly checking response times to equality comparisons of values.


Extensions to the Web Crypto interface.

Extensions to the web standard SubtleCrypto interface.

Type Aliases

Types of data that can be signed cryptographically.

Extended digest algorithms accepted by stdCrypto.subtle.digest.

Extended digest algorithm names.

Extended digest algorithm objects.

FNV (Fowler/Noll/Vo) algorithms names.

Types of keys that can be used to sign data.

An algorithm name supported by std/crypto/_wasm.