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Deno standard library
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// Copyright 2018-2024 the Deno authors. All rights reserved. MIT license.// deno-lint-ignore-file no-explicit-any
export interface MatcherContext { value: unknown; isNot: boolean; customTesters: Tester[]; customMessage: string | undefined;}
export type Matcher = ( context: MatcherContext, ...args: any[]) => MatchResult;
export type Matchers = { [key: string]: Matcher;};export type MatchResult = void | Promise<void> | boolean;export type AnyConstructor = new (...args: any[]) => any;
export type Tester = ( a: any, b: any, customTesters: Tester[],) => void;
// a helper type to match any function. Used so that we only convert functions// to return a promise and not properties.type Fn = (...args: any[]) => unknown;
// converts all the methods in an interface to be async functionsexport type Async<T> = { [K in keyof T]: T[K] extends Fn ? (...args: Parameters<T[K]>) => Promise<ReturnType<T[K]>> : T[K];};
export interface Expected { lastCalledWith(...expected: unknown[]): void; lastReturnedWith(expected: unknown): void; nthCalledWith(nth: number, ...expected: unknown[]): void; nthReturnedWith(nth: number, expected: unknown): void; toBeCalled(): void; toBeCalledTimes(expected: number): void; toBeCalledWith(...expected: unknown[]): void; toBeCloseTo(candidate: number, tolerance?: number): void; toBeDefined(): void; toBeFalsy(): void; toBeGreaterThan(expected: number): void; toBeGreaterThanOrEqual(expected: number): void; toBeInstanceOf<T extends AnyConstructor>(expected: T): void; toBeLessThan(expected: number): void; toBeLessThanOrEqual(expected: number): void; toBeNaN(): void; toBeNull(): void; toBeTruthy(): void; toBeUndefined(): void; toBe(expected: unknown): void; toContainEqual(expected: unknown): void; toContain(expected: unknown): void; toEqual(expected: unknown): void; toHaveBeenCalledTimes(expected: number): void; toHaveBeenCalledWith(...expected: unknown[]): void; toHaveBeenCalled(): void; toHaveBeenLastCalledWith(...expected: unknown[]): void; toHaveBeenNthCalledWith(nth: number, ...expected: unknown[]): void; toHaveLength(expected: number): void; toHaveLastReturnedWith(expected: unknown): void; toHaveNthReturnedWith(nth: number, expected: unknown): void; toHaveProperty(propName: string | string[], value?: unknown): void; toHaveReturnedTimes(expected: number): void; toHaveReturnedWith(expected: unknown): void; toHaveReturned(): void; toMatch(expected: RegExp): void; toMatchObject( expected: | Record<PropertyKey, unknown> | Record<PropertyKey, unknown>[], ): void; toReturn(): void; toReturnTimes(expected: number): void; toReturnWith(expected: unknown): void; toStrictEqual(candidate: unknown): void; toThrow<E extends Error = Error>( expected?: string | RegExp | E | (new (...args: any[]) => E), ): void; not: Expected; resolves: Async<Expected>; rejects: Async<Expected>;}
export type MatcherKey = keyof Omit<Expected, "not" | "resolves" | "rejects">;
export type EqualOptions = { customTesters?: Tester[]; msg?: string; formatter?: (value: unknown) => string; strictCheck?: boolean;};
export interface EqualOptionUtil extends MatcherContext { strictCheck?: boolean;}