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Deno standard library
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// Copyright 2018-2024 the Deno authors. All rights reserved. MIT license.import type { Range, SemVer } from "./types.ts";import { testRange } from "./test_range.ts";import { greaterThan } from "./greater_than.ts";
/** * Returns the highest version in the list that satisfies the range, or `undefined` * if none of them do. * @param versions The versions to check. * @param range The range of possible versions to compare to. * @returns The highest version in versions that satisfies the range. */export function maxSatisfying( versions: SemVer[], range: Range,): SemVer | undefined { let max; for (const version of versions) { if (!testRange(version, range)) continue; max = max && greaterThan(max, version) ? max : version; } return max;}