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The Deno Standard Library
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import * as mod from "";

Utilities for working with ascii85 encoding.

This module is browser compatible.

Specifying a standard and delimiter

By default, all functions are using the most popular Adobe version of ascii85 and not adding any delimiter. However, there are three more standards supported - btoa (different delimiter and additional compression of 4 bytes equal to 32), Z85 and RFC 1924. It's possible to use a different encoding by specifying it in options object as a second parameter.

Similarly, it's possible to make encode add a delimiter (<~ and ~> for Adobe, xbtoa Begin and xbtoa End with newlines between the delimiters and encoded data for btoa. Checksums for btoa are not supported. Delimiters are not supported by other encodings.)


Decodes a ascii85-encoded string.

Converts data into an ascii58-encoded string.

Type Aliases

Supported ascii85 standards for Ascii85Options.