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The Deno Standard Library
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import * as mod from "";

Command line arguments parser based on minimist.

This module is browser compatible.


Example 1

import { parseArgs } from "";



A spinner that can be used to indicate that something is loading.


Take a set of command line arguments, optionally with a set of options, and return an object representing the flags found in the passed arguments.

Shows the given message and waits for the user's input. Returns the user's input as string. This is similar to prompt() but it print user's input as * to prevent password from being shown. Use an empty mask if you don't want to show any character.

Calculate the physical width of a string in a TTY-like environment. This is useful for cases such as calculating where a line-wrap will occur and underlining strings.


The options for the parseArgs call.

Options for Spinner.

Type Aliases

This is a hack to allow us to use the same type for both the color name and an ANSI escape code.

The value returned from parseArgs.

Color options for SpinnerOptions.color.

Options for promptSecret.