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The Deno Standard Library
type alias Column
import { type Column } from "";

The most essential aspect of a column is accessing the property holding the data for that column on each object in the data array. If that member is at the top level, Column can simply be a property accessor, which is either a string (if it's a plain object) or a number (if it's an array).

const columns = [

Each property accessor will be used as the header for the column:

  • If the required data is not at the top level (it's nested in other objects/arrays), then a simple property accessor won't work, so an array of them will be required.

    const columns = [
      ["repo", "name"],
      ["repo", "org"],

    When using arrays of property accessors, the header names inherit the value of the last accessor in each array:

    name org
    deno denoland
  • If a different column header is desired, then a ColumnDetails object type can be used for each column:

  • header?: string is the optional value to use for the column header name

  • prop: PropertyAccessor | PropertyAccessor[] is the property accessor (string or number) or array of property accessors used to access the data on each object

const columns = [
    prop: ["runsOn", 0],
    header: "language 1",
    prop: ["runsOn", 1],
    header: "language 2",
name language 1 language 2
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