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class RotatingFileHandler
extends FileHandler
import { RotatingFileHandler } from "";

This handler extends the functionality of the FileHandler by "rotating" the log file when it reaches a certain size. maxBytes specifies the maximum size in bytes that the log file can grow to before rolling over to a new one. If the size of the new log message plus the current log file size exceeds maxBytes then a roll-over is triggered. When a roll-over occurs, before the log message is written, the log file is renamed and appended with .1. If a .1 version already existed, it would have been renamed .2 first and so on. The maximum number of log files to keep is specified by maxBackupCount. After the renames are complete the log message is written to the original, now blank, file.

Example: Given log.txt, log.txt.1, log.txt.2 and log.txt.3, a maxBackupCount of 3 and a new log message which would cause log.txt to exceed maxBytes, then log.txt.2 would be renamed to log.txt.3 (thereby discarding the original contents of log.txt.3 since 3 is the maximum number of backups to keep), log.txt.1 would be renamed to log.txt.2, log.txt would be renamed to log.txt.1 and finally log.txt would be created from scratch where the new log message would be written.

This handler uses a buffer for writing log messages to file. Logs can be manually flushed with fileHandler.flush(). Log messages with a log level greater than ERROR are immediately flushed. Logs are also flushed on process completion.

Additional notes on mode as described above:

  • 'a' Default mode. As above, this will pick up where the logs left off in rotation, or create a new log file if it doesn't exist.
  • 'w' in addition to starting with a clean filename, this mode will also cause any existing backups (up to maxBackupCount) to be deleted on setup giving a fully clean slate.
  • 'x' requires that neither filename, nor any backups (up to maxBackupCount), exist before setup.

This handler requires both --allow-read and --allow-write permissions on the log files.


RotatingFileHandler(levelName: LevelName, options: RotatingFileHandlerOptions)