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Deno standard library
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import * as mod from "";


BufReader implements buffering for a Reader object.

BufWriter implements buffering for an deno.Writer object. If an error occurs writing to a Writer, no more data will be accepted and all subsequent writes, and flush(), will return the error. After all data has been written, the client should call the flush() method to guarantee all data has been forwarded to the underlying deno.Writer.

Reader utility for combining multiple readers

Reader utility for strings

Writer utility for buffering string chunks


copy N size at the most. If read size is lesser than N, then returns nread

Read delimited bytes from a Reader.

Read big endian 32bit integer from BufReader

Read strings line-by-line from a Reader.

Read big endian 64bit long from BufReader

Read big endian 16bit short from BufReader

Read delimited strings from a Reader.

Slice number into 64bit big endian byte array


Result type returned by of BufReader.readLine().