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Deno standard library
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// These types are adapted from// to work under Deno.//// Type definitions for React (react-dom) 16.9// Project: Definitions by: Asana <>// AssureSign <>// Microsoft <>// MartynasZilinskas <>// Josh Rutherford <>// Jessica Franco <>// Definitions: TypeScript Version: 2.8
// NOTE: Users of the `experimental` builds of React should add a reference// to 'react-dom/experimental' in their project. See experimental.d.ts's top comment// for reference and documentation on how exactly to do it.
/* eslint-disable */
export as namespace ReactDOM;
import { ReactInstance, Component, ComponentState, ReactElement, SFCElement, CElement, DOMAttributes, DOMElement, ReactNode, ReactPortal,} from "./react.d.ts";
export function findDOMNode( instance: ReactInstance | null | undefined): Element | null | Text;export function unmountComponentAtNode(container: Element): boolean;
export function createPortal( children: ReactNode, container: Element, key?: null | string): ReactPortal;
export const version: string;export const render: Renderer;export const hydrate: Renderer;
export function unstable_batchedUpdates<A, B>( callback: (a: A, b: B) => any, a: A, b: B): void;export function unstable_batchedUpdates<A>(callback: (a: A) => any, a: A): void;export function unstable_batchedUpdates(callback: () => any): void;
export function unstable_renderSubtreeIntoContainer<T extends Element>( parentComponent: Component<any>, element: DOMElement<DOMAttributes<T>, T>, container: Element, callback?: (element: T) => any): T;export function unstable_renderSubtreeIntoContainer< P, T extends Component<P, ComponentState>>( parentComponent: Component<any>, element: CElement<P, T>, container: Element, callback?: (component: T) => any): T;export function unstable_renderSubtreeIntoContainer<P>( parentComponent: Component<any>, element: ReactElement<P>, container: Element, callback?: (component?: Component<P, ComponentState> | Element) => any): Component<P, ComponentState> | Element | void;
export interface Renderer { // Deprecated(render): The return value is deprecated. // In future releases the render function's return type will be void.
<T extends Element>( element: DOMElement<DOMAttributes<T>, T>, container: Element | null, callback?: () => void ): T;
( element: Array<DOMElement<DOMAttributes<any>, any>>, container: Element | null, callback?: () => void ): Element;
( element: SFCElement<any> | Array<SFCElement<any>>, container: Element | null, callback?: () => void ): void;
<P, T extends Component<P, ComponentState>>( element: CElement<P, T>, container: Element | null, callback?: () => void ): T;
( element: Array<CElement<any, Component<any, ComponentState>>>, container: Element | null, callback?: () => void ): Component<any, ComponentState>;
<P>( element: ReactElement<P>, container: Element | null, callback?: () => void ): Component<P, ComponentState> | Element | void;
(element: ReactElement[], container: Element | null, callback?: () => void): | Component<any, ComponentState> | Element | void;}