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Deno standard library
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// Copyright 2018-2020 the Deno authors. All rights reserved. MIT license./** Get log level numeric values through enum constants */export enum LogLevels { NOTSET = 0, DEBUG = 10, INFO = 20, WARNING = 30, ERROR = 40, CRITICAL = 50,}
/** Permitted log level names */export const LogLevelNames = Object.keys(LogLevels).filter((key) => isNaN(Number(key)));
/** Union of valid log level strings */export type LevelName = keyof typeof LogLevels;
const byLevel: Record<string, LevelName> = { [String(LogLevels.NOTSET)]: "NOTSET", [String(LogLevels.DEBUG)]: "DEBUG", [String(LogLevels.INFO)]: "INFO", [String(LogLevels.WARNING)]: "WARNING", [String(LogLevels.ERROR)]: "ERROR", [String(LogLevels.CRITICAL)]: "CRITICAL",};
/** Returns the numeric log level associated with the passed, * stringy log level name. */export function getLevelByName(name: LevelName): number { switch (name) { case "NOTSET": return LogLevels.NOTSET; case "DEBUG": return LogLevels.DEBUG; case "INFO": return LogLevels.INFO; case "WARNING": return LogLevels.WARNING; case "ERROR": return LogLevels.ERROR; case "CRITICAL": return LogLevels.CRITICAL; default: throw new Error(`no log level found for "${name}"`); }}
/** Returns the stringy log level name provided the numeric log level */export function getLevelName(level: number): LevelName { const levelName = byLevel[level]; if (levelName) { return levelName; } throw new Error(`no level name found for level: ${level}`);}