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Deno standard library
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#!/usr/bin/env -S deno run --allow-net --allow-env// Copyright 2018-2020 the Deno authors. All rights reserved. MIT license.// A program to post files to Use the following to install it:// deno install -f --allow-env --allow-read { parse } from "../flags/mod.ts";
function pathBase(p: string): string { const parts = p.split("/"); return parts[parts.length - 1];}
const token = Deno.env.get("GIST_TOKEN");if (!token) { console.error("GIST_TOKEN environmental variable not set."); console.error("Get a token here:"); Deno.exit(1);}
const parsedArgs = parse(Deno.args);
if (parsedArgs._.length === 0) { console.error( "Usage: gist.ts --allow-env --allow-net [-t|--title Example] some_file " + "[next_file]", ); Deno.exit(1);}
const files: Record<string, { content: string }> = {};for (const filename of parsedArgs._) { const base = pathBase(filename as string); const content = await Deno.readFile(filename as string); const contentStr = new TextDecoder().decode(content); files[base] = { content: contentStr };}
const content = { description: parsedArgs.title || parsedArgs.t || "Example", public: false, files: files,};const body = JSON.stringify(content);
const res = await fetch("", { method: "POST", headers: [ ["Content-Type", "application/json"], ["User-Agent", "Deno-Gist"], ["Authorization", `token ${token}`], ], body,});
if (res.ok) { const resObj = await res.json(); console.log("Success"); console.log(resObj["html_url"]);} else { const err = await res.text(); console.error("Failure to POST", err);}