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Deno standard library
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// deno-lint-ignore-file no-undef// Copyright 2018-2020 the Deno authors. All rights reserved. MIT license.
import { assert, assertEquals, assertThrows } from "../testing/asserts.ts";import * as path from "../path/mod.ts";import * as all from "./process.ts";import { argv, env } from "./process.ts";import { delay } from "../async/delay.ts";import "./global.ts";
// NOTE: Deno.execPath() (and thus process.argv) currently requires --allow-env// (Also Deno.env.toObject() (and process.env) requires --allow-env but it's more obvious)
Deno.test({ name: "process exports are as they should be", fn() { // * should be the same as process, default, and globalThis.process // without the export aliases, and with properties that are not standalone const allKeys = new Set<string>(Object.keys(all)); // without { process } for deno b/c allKeys.delete("process"); // without esm default allKeys.delete("default"); // with on, stdin, stderr, and stdout, which is not exported via * allKeys.add("on"); allKeys.add("stdin"); allKeys.add("stderr"); allKeys.add("stdout"); const allStr = Array.from(allKeys).sort().join(" "); assertEquals(Object.keys(all.default).sort().join(" "), allStr); assertEquals(Object.keys(all.process).sort().join(" "), allStr); assertEquals(Object.keys(process).sort().join(" "), allStr); },});
Deno.test({ name: "process.cwd and process.chdir success", fn() { assertEquals(process.cwd(), Deno.cwd());
const currentDir = Deno.cwd(); // to unchange current directory after this test
const moduleDir = path.dirname(path.fromFileUrl(import.meta.url)); process.chdir(path.resolve(moduleDir, ".."));
assert(process.cwd().match(/\Wstd$/)); process.chdir("node"); assert(process.cwd().match(/\Wnode$/)); process.chdir(".."); assert(process.cwd().match(/\Wstd$/)); process.chdir(currentDir); // to unchange current directory after this test },});
Deno.test({ name: "process.chdir failure", fn() { assertThrows( () => { process.chdir("non-existent-directory-name"); }, Deno.errors.NotFound, "file", // On every OS Deno returns: "No such file" except for Windows, where it's: // "The system cannot find the file specified. (os error 2)" so "file" is // the only common string here. ); },});
Deno.test({ name: "process.version", fn() { assertEquals(typeof process, "object"); assertEquals(typeof process.version, "string"); assertEquals(typeof process.versions, "object"); assertEquals(typeof process.versions.node, "string"); },});
Deno.test({ name: "process.platform", fn() { assertEquals(typeof process.platform, "string"); },});
Deno.test({ name: "process.arch", fn() { assertEquals(typeof process.arch, "string"); // TODO(rsp): make sure that the arch strings should be the same in Node and Deno: assertEquals(process.arch,; },});
Deno.test({ name: "", fn() { assertEquals(typeof, "number"); assertEquals(,; },});
Deno.test({ name: "process.on", fn() { assertEquals(typeof process.on, "function"); assertThrows( () => { process.on("uncaughtException", (_err: Error) => {}); }, Error, "implemented", ); },});
Deno.test({ name: "process.argv", fn() { assert(Array.isArray(process.argv)); assert(Array.isArray(argv)); assert( process.argv[0].match(/[^/\\]*deno[^/\\]*$/), "deno included in the file name of argv[0]", ); // we cannot test for anything else (we see test runner arguments here) },});
Deno.test({ name: "process.env", fn() { assertEquals(typeof process.env.PATH, "string"); assertEquals(typeof env.PATH, "string"); },});
Deno.test({ name: "process.stdin", fn() { assertEquals(typeof process.stdin.fd, "number"); assertEquals(process.stdin.fd, Deno.stdin.rid); // TODO(jayhelton) Uncomment out this assertion once PTY is supported //assert(process.stdin.isTTY); },});
Deno.test({ name: "process.stdout", fn() { assertEquals(typeof process.stdout.fd, "number"); assertEquals(process.stdout.fd, Deno.stdout.rid); // TODO(jayhelton) Uncomment out this assertion once PTY is supported // assert(process.stdout.isTTY); },});
Deno.test({ name: "process.stderr", fn() { assertEquals(typeof process.stderr.fd, "number"); assertEquals(process.stderr.fd, Deno.stderr.rid); // TODO(jayhelton) Uncomment out this assertion once PTY is supported // assert(process.stderr.isTTY); },});
Deno.test({ name: "process.nextTick", async fn() { let withoutArguments = false; process.nextTick(() => { withoutArguments = true; });
const expected = 12; let result; process.nextTick((x: number) => { result = x; }, 12);
await delay(10); assert(withoutArguments); assertEquals(result, expected); },});