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The Full-stack Framework in Deno.
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import * as mod from "";


Set text color to blue.

Make the text bold.

CREDIT: Encodes a given Uint8Array, ArrayBuffer or string into RFC4648 base64 representation

Concatenate the given arrays into a new Uint8Array.

Set text color to cyan.

The text emits only a small amount of light.

Ensures that the directory exists. If the directory structure does not exist, it is created. Like mkdir -p. Requires the --allow-read and --allow-write flag.

This function invokes the "esbuild" command-line tool for you. It returns a promise that either resolves with a "BuildResult" object or rejects with a "BuildFailure" object.

Convert a glob string to a regular expression.

Set text color to green.

initialize the compiler wasm module.

Mitt: Tiny (~200b) functional event emitter / pubsub.

Parse the deps of the modules.

Set text color to red.

Serves HTTP requests with the given handler.

Serves HTTPS requests with the given handler.

Transforms the JSX/TS module into a JS module.

Compiles a CSS file, including optionally minifying and lowering syntax to the given targets. A source map may also be generated, but this is not enabled by default.