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Aleph.js: The Full-stack Framework in Deno.

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⚠️ Not yet 1.0. Many things are subject to change. Documentation is lacking in many places. Try it out and give us feedback!

Some demo apps deployed to Deno Deploy with the new architecture:

Source code:

Real-world Apps

Get started

Initialize a new project, you can pick a start template with --template flag, available templates: [react, vue, api, solid, yew]

deno run -A -r

after init, you can run the app with deno tasks:

# go to the app root created by the `init`

# run the app in devlopment mode
deno task dev

# run the app in production mode
deno task start


The new docs site is working in progress: (PR). You can join the Aleph.js Discord to get helps.