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The Full-stack Framework in Deno.
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import * as mod from "";


An interface that aligns to the parts of the Aleph class.

An interface that aligns to the Deno.RequestEvent

An interface that aligns to the parts of the Response with helpers.

Type Aliases

The handler for API requests.

The middleware for API requests.

The supported borwser name of esbuild.

The config for ES Build.

The built target of esbuild.

The configuration for aleph application.

The options are passed on to postcss-modules.

The config for builtin CSS loader.

Global SSR options.

The options for Internationalization.

The import maps.

The input to the onLoad hook.

The output of the onLoad hook.

A module includes the compilation details.

The plugin to enhance Aleph server runtime.

The plugin type of postcss.

render output includes html and data.

The result from the onResolve hook.

The router URL object of the routing.

The options for Server.

SSR data with expires.

The SSR options for pages.

The SSR props.

The input of the onTransform hook.

The output of the onTransform hook.