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Alosaur - Deno web framework with many decorators
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Contribution Guide

Any contribution to Alosaur is more than welcome!

Reporting Issues

A great way to contribute to the project is to send a detailed report when you encounter an issue. Please make sure to include a reproduction repository so that bugs can be reproduced without great efforts. The better a bug can be reproduced, the faster we can start fixing it!

Pull Requests

We’d love to see your pull requests, even if it’s just to fix a typo!

However, any significant improvement should be associated to an existing feature request or bug report.

Getting started

  • Fork the Alosaur repository to your own GitHub account and then clone it to your local device.
  • Coding fix/feature
  • Create tests
  • Create PR to Alosaur

Test structure

A great PR, whether it includes a bug fix or a new feature, will often include tests. To write great tests, let us explain our test structure:

Unit tests

The unit tests can be found in *file*.test.ts.

E2E tests

We really love e2e tests that can cover all cases. The unit tests can be found in e2e/*server_name*.test.ts. We usually write tests to servers in the examples/ folder.

Run all tests:

deno test -A --config ./src/tsconfig.lib.json

Before submiting PR

Run deno fmt for formating your code.

Style guide

We follow the official Deno style guide

Commit Message Guidelines

We follow the Conventional Commits

For example

fix(docs): fix typo on DI


  • docs
  • router
  • middleware
  • hooks
  • renderer
  • di
  • openapi