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Alosaur - Deno web framework with many decorators
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Contribution Guide

Any contribution to Alosaur is more than welcome!

Reporting Issues

A great way to contribute to the project is to send a detailed report when you encounter an issue. Please make sure to include a reproduction repository so that bugs can be reproduced without great efforts. The better a bug can be reproduced, the faster we can start fixing it!

Pull Requests

We’d love to see your pull requests, even if it’s just to fix a typo!

However, any significant improvement should be associated to an existing feature request or bug report.

Getting started

  • Fork the Alosaur repository to your own GitHub account and then clone it to your local device.
  • Coding fix/feature
  • Create tests
  • Create PR to Alosaur

Test structure

A great PR, whether it includes a bug fix or a new feature, will often include tests. To write great tests, let us explain our test structure:

Unit tests

The unit tests can be found in *file*.test.ts.

E2E tests

We really love e2e tests that can cover all cases. The unit tests can be found in e2e/*server_name*.test.ts. We usually write tests to servers in the examples/ folder.

Run all tests:

deno test -A --config ./src/tsconfig.lib.json

How to run examples in project folder?

deno run -A --config ./src/tsconfig.lib.json examples/di/app.ts

Before submiting PR

Run deno fmt for formating your code.

Style guide

We follow the official Deno style guide

Commit Message Guidelines

We follow the Conventional Commits

For example

fix(docs): fix typo on DI


  • docs
  • router
  • middleware
  • hooks
  • renderer
  • di
  • openapi