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🦕 Astrodon

Desktop App Framework (not there yet!) for Deno, based in Tauri

Discord Server deno module deno compatibility

Important: Only Windows and Linux is supported at the moment. And, some older versions of Windows, or even some old builds of Windows 10 might not come with Webview2 support, currently, a solution to this is to install Webview2 manually on the user PC. This is a major issue if you are targeting users with “outdated” Windows, this could maybe be leveraged by a installer that installs the webview2 and the app. We are open to suggestions.

😎 Features

  • Create webview windows with your own title and URL
  • Send messages from Deno -> Webview
  • Compile your apps as executables

A lot is still missing, but we will get there!

🎁 Demo

Note: Only Windows and Linux are supported, MacOS isn’t supported yet (see

Easily run the demo:

deno run -A --unstable --reload

This snippet always contains the most stable latest version of Astrodon, but you can always use the unstable versions by using github raw urls on dev branch

📜 To-do

👩‍💻 Development


  • If you want to compile the binaries yourself: install the dependencies as indicated in Tauri’s Guide.
  • Create a .env file, use examples/.env.example as a template.

Run the demo locally:

cargo build
deno run -A --unstable examples/hello_world/demo.ts

MIT License