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Canvas API for Deno, ported from canvaskit-wasm (Skia).
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interface Paragraph
implements EmbindObject<Paragraph>
import { type Paragraph } from "";

See Paragraph.h for more information on this class. This is only available if Paragraph has been compiled in.


didExceedMaxLines(): boolean
getAlphabeticBaseline(): number
getGlyphPositionAtCoordinate(dx: number, dy: number): PositionWithAffinity

Returns the index of the glyph that corresponds to the provided coordinate, with the top left corner as the origin, and +y direction as down.

getHeight(): number
getIdeographicBaseline(): number
getLongestLine(): number
getMaxIntrinsicWidth(): number
getMaxWidth(): number
getMinIntrinsicWidth(): number
getRectsForPlaceholders(): FlattenedRectangleArray
start: number,
end: number,
): FlattenedRectangleArray

Returns bounding boxes that enclose all text in the range of glpyh indexes [start, end).

getWordBoundary(offset: number): URange

Finds the first and last glyphs that define a word containing the glyph at index offset.

layout(width: number): void

Lays out the text in the paragraph so it is wrapped to the given width.