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Canvas API for Deno, ported from canvaskit-wasm (Skia).
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interface BlendModeEnumValues
implements EmbindEnum
import { type BlendModeEnumValues } from "";


Clear: BlendMode
SrcOver: BlendMode
DstOver: BlendMode
SrcIn: BlendMode
DstIn: BlendMode
SrcOut: BlendMode
DstOut: BlendMode
SrcATop: BlendMode
DstATop: BlendMode
Plus: BlendMode
Modulate: BlendMode
Screen: BlendMode
Overlay: BlendMode
Darken: BlendMode
Lighten: BlendMode
ColorDodge: BlendMode
ColorBurn: BlendMode
HardLight: BlendMode
SoftLight: BlendMode
Difference: BlendMode
Exclusion: BlendMode
Multiply: BlendMode
Saturation: BlendMode
Color: BlendMode
Luminosity: BlendMode