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Canvas API for Deno, ported from canvaskit-wasm (Skia).
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interface EmulatedCanvas2D
import { type EmulatedCanvas2D } from "";


dispose(): void

Cleans up all resources associated with this emulated canvas.

decodeImage(bytes: ArrayBuffer | Uint8Array): SkImage

Decodes an image with the given bytes.

getContext(type: string): EmulatedCanvas2DContext | null

Returns an emulated canvas2d context if type == '2d', null otherwise.

loadFont(bytes: ArrayBuffer | Uint8Array, descriptors: object): void

Loads the given font with the given descriptors. Emulates new FontFace().

makePath2D(str?: string): EmulatedPath2D

Returns an new emulated Path2D object.

toDataURL(codec?: string, quality?: number): string

Returns the current canvas as a base64 encoded image string.