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NOTE: This is new and probably broken somehow, don't use it in production. (Unless you're me lol)

Cav is an experimental full stack web framework for Deno. Here's some notable features:

  • Compatible with Zod parsers, enabling end-to-end type safety
  • Serves static assets and serializes (nearly) any JavaScript type to JSON
  • Web socket support
  • Zero config (i.e. good defaults), and zero third-party dependencies
  • Dev-time bundling for frontend TypeScript assets
  • Compatible with frontend frameworks like Preact
  • Deno Deploy without a build step





Cav requires Deno v1.21.2 or higher. If you're new to Deno, read the manual to get up to speed.

A simple "hello world" app in Cav looks like this:

TODO: Start with the smallest hello world possible, introduce other features step by step, building it out into a full blown app

Full stack web framework for Deno
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