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Command line framework for deno 🦕 Including Commandline-Interfaces, Prompts, CLI-Table, Arguments Parser and more...
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import * as cliffy from "";


Completion list type.

AnsiEscape representation.

Boolean type with auto completion. Allows true, false, 0 and 1.

Cell representation.

Checkbox prompt representation.

String type with auto completion of child command names.

Generates shell completion scripts for various shell's.

Confirm prompt representation.


Generic input prompt representation.


Generic list prompt representation.


Generic prompt representation.

Generates well formatted and colored help output for specified command.

Input prompt representation.

KeyCode representation.

KeyEvent representation.

List prompt representation.

Number prompt representation.

Number type.

Row representation.

Secret prompt representation.

Select prompt representation.

String type. Allows any value.

Table representation.

Toggle prompt representation.


Base class for custom types.


Available build-in argument types.


Ring audio bell: \u0007

Boolean type handler. Excepts true, false, 1, 0

Control sequence intro: \x1B[

Cursor handler.

Erase handler.

Escape sequence: \x1B

Prompt icons.

Create image.

Base key mapping.

Ctrl key mapping.

Shift key mapping.

Create link.

Number type handler. Excepts any numeric value.

Operating system command: \x1B]

Scroll handler.

Special key mapping.

String type handler. Excepts any value.


Find option by flag, name or alias.

Inject prompt values. Can be used for unit tests or pre selections.

Check if option has name or alias.

Normalize command line arguments.

Parse command line arguments.

Flags post validation. Validations that are not already done by the parser.


Checkbox key options.

Checkbox option options.

Checkbox prompt options.

Checkbox option settings.

Confirm prompt options.

Input keys options.

Generic input prompt options.

Generic input prompt settings.

Generic list option options.

Generic list prompt options.

Generic list option settings.

Generic list prompt settings.

Generic prompt options.

Generic prompt settings.

Global prompt options.

Argument details.

Cell options.

Command option options.

Completion options.

Completion settings.

Environment variable settings.

Environment variable options

Example settings.

Flag argument definition.

Flag options.

Result of the parseFlags method.

KeyEvent options.

Image options.

Input prompt options.

Command option settings.

Parser options.

Result of cmd.parse() method.

Row options.

Table options.

Table settings.

Type settings.

Type details.

Type options.

List prompt options.

Number key options.

Number prompt options.

Secret prompt options.

Select key options.

Select prompt options.

Select prompt settings.

Static generic prompt interface.

Toggle key options.

Generic prompt options.

Type Aliases

Checkbox options type.

Checkbox option settings type.

Action handler for commands and options.

Border characters settings.

Cell type

Type parser method.

Json row.

Default flag value

Description handler.

Value handler for custom value processing.

Row type

Table type.

Custom type handler/parser.

List key options.

Secret key options.

Select option options.

Select option settings.

Select options type.

Select option settings type.

Prompt validation return tape.