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Command line framework for deno 🦕 Including Commandline-Interfaces, Prompts, CLI-Table, Arguments Parser and more...
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import * as stdColors from "";import * as ansiEscapes from "../../ansi/ansi_escapes.ts";
const ansiEscapeNames1: Array<keyof typeof ansiEscapes> = [ "bel", "clearScreen", "clearTerminal", "cursorBackward", "cursorDown", "cursorForward", "cursorHide",];
const ansiEscapeNames2: Array<keyof typeof ansiEscapes> = [ "cursorLeft", "cursorMove", "cursorNextLine", "cursorPosition", "cursorPrevLine", "cursorRestore",];
const ansiEscapeNames3: Array<keyof typeof ansiEscapes> = [ "cursorSave", "cursorShow", "cursorTo", "cursorUp", "eraseDown", "eraseLine", "eraseLineEnd",];
const ansiEscapeNames4: Array<keyof typeof ansiEscapes> = [ "eraseLineStart", "eraseLines", "eraseScreen", "eraseUp", "image", "link", "scrollDown", "scrollUp",];
const colorNames1: Array<keyof typeof stdColors> = [ "yellow", "white", "underline", "stripColor", "strikethrough", "reset", "red", "magenta", "italic",];
const colorNames2: Array<keyof typeof stdColors> = [ "green", "gray", "dim", "cyan", "bold", "blue", "black", "bgYellow", "bgWhite", "bgRed", "bgMagenta",];
const colorNames3: Array<keyof typeof stdColors> = [ "bgGreen", "bgCyan", "bgBlue", "bgBlack",];
for (const colorNames of [colorNames1, colorNames2, colorNames3]) { console.log( colorNames .map((name) => (stdColors[name] as (str: string) => string)(name)) .join(" "), );}
for ( const ansiEscapeNames of [ ansiEscapeNames1, ansiEscapeNames2, ansiEscapeNames3, ansiEscapeNames4, ]) { console.log( ansiEscapeNames .map((name) => stdColors.rgb8(name, Math.random() * 100)) .join(" "), );}