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Command line framework for deno 🦕 Including Commandline-Interfaces, Prompts, CLI-Table, Arguments Parser and more...
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#!/usr/bin/env -S deno run
import { parseFlags } from "../../flags/flags.ts";import { OptionType } from "../../flags/types.ts";
const result = parseFlags(Deno.args, { allowEmpty: true, stopEarly: true, flags: [{ name: "help", aliases: ["h"], // a standalone option cannot be combined with other options standalone: true, }, { name: "verbose", aliases: ["v"], // allow to define this option multiple times on the command line collect: true, // make --verbose incremental: turn value into an number and increase the value for each --verbose option value: (val: boolean, previous = 0) => val ? previous + 1 : 0, }, { name: "debug", aliases: ["d"], type: OptionType.BOOLEAN, optionalValue: true, }, { name: "silent", aliases: ["s"], }, { name: "amount", aliases: ["n"], type: OptionType.NUMBER, requiredValue: true, }, { name: "file", aliases: ["f"], type: OptionType.STRING, // file cannot be combined with stdin option conflicts: ["stdin"], }, { name: "stdin", aliases: ["i"], // stdin cannot be combined with file option conflicts: ["file"], }],});