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cross-platform Deno library for writing and reading clipboard.
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import * as darwin from "./darwin.ts";import * as linux from "./linux.ts";import * as windows from "./windows.ts";
export type Clipboard = { read_text(): Promise<string>; write_text(text: string): Promise<void>; read_image(): Promise<Deno.Reader>; write_image(data: Uint8Array): Promise<void>;};
const unsupportedError = () => { throw new Error("unsupported os");};
const unsupported = { read_text: unsupportedError, write_text: unsupportedError, read_image: unsupportedError, write_image: unsupportedError,};
export const clipboard = (() => { switch ( { case "darwin": return darwin; case "windows": return windows; case "linux": return linux; default: return unsupported; }})();