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Countries Module

Usage example for your code

import { CountryInfoProvider } from ""

const countryCode = CountryInfoProvider.getCountryCodeFromCountryName('Germany')
// 'DE'

const countryName = CountryInfoProvider.getCountryNameFromCountryCode('DE')
// 'Germany'

const country = CountryInfoProvider.getCountryFromName('Swaziland')
/* {
 *   countryCode: "SZ",
 *   countryName: "Eswatini",
 *   alpha3Code: "SWZ",
 *   numericCode: "748",
 *   alternativeNames: [ "Swaziland" ]
 * }

const country2 = CountryInfoProvider.getCountryFromCode(188)
/* {
 *   countryCode: "CR",
 *   countryName: "Costa Rica",
 *   alpha3Code: "CRI",
 *   numericCode: "188"
 * }

const country3 = CountryInfoProvider.getCountryFromName('thiscountrydoesnotexist')
// undefined

Test it via command line

deno run --allow-net --allow-read

Country Flags

If you can’t access the flag images via the raw files (e.g., you can e.g. use the country flag server by:

deno run --allow-net --allow-read --reload

or e.g. via pm2 accordingly.

This will serve the flags e.g. at:



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