crate is a fullstack web framework built on deno!

available on:

get started

all you need to do is make two files. seriously!

const App = {
  directory: "./src",
  routes: {
    "/": "./index.html",
    "/redirect": ""

import Crate from "";

let crate = new Crate();

    hello from index.html!
    <Link to="">
      Built with Crate!


  • make a basic server-side rendering tool and an automatic server
  • attach a universal backend (pallet) so you can run it anywhere
  • ??? — make an issue!

where's the old crate?

for those of you who don't know, crate used to be a fancy webview wrapper. now, it's evolving into a fullstack web framework that will have a seamless native experience as well with an upcoming tool called "pallet."


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built with ♡ and deno by jordan reger.