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Cross platform shell tools for Deno inspired by zx.
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import * as dax from "";


Underlying builder API for executing commands.

Result of running a command.

Holds a reference to a path providing helper methods.

A progress bar instance created via $.progress(...).

Builder API for downloading files.

Result of making a request.



Default $ instance where commands may be executed.

Default $ instance where commands may be executed.


Builds a new $ which will use the state of the provided builders as the default.


Change that alters the current working directory.

Context of the currently executing command.

Used to write to stdout or stderr.

Options for showing confirming a yes or no question.

Tells the shell to continue executing.

Options for creating a custom $.

Tells the shell it should exit immediately with the provided exit code.

Single options within a multi-select option.

Options for showing a selection that has multiple possible values.

Options for showing progress.

Options for showing an input where the user enters a value.

Options for using $.retry({ ... })

Options for showing a selection that only has one result.

Change that sets an environment variable (ex. export ENV_VAR=VALUE)

Change that sets a shell variable (ex. ENV_VAR=VALUE)

Type Aliases

Type of $ instances.

Handler for executing a command.

Used to read from stdin.

Change that alters the environment.

Result of executing a custom command.