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Deno CLI's module cache
import * as denoCache from "";

A module which provides a TypeScript implementation of the Deno CLI's cache directory logic (DENO_DIR). This can be used in combination with other modules to provide user loadable APIs that are like the Deno CLI's functionality.

This also can provide user read access in Deploy to a Deno CLI's cache when the cache is checked into the repository.


import { createCache } from "";
import { createGraph } from "";

// create a cache where the location will be determined environmentally
const cache = createCache();
// destructuring the two functions we need to pass to the graph
const { cacheInfo, load } = cache;
// create a graph that will use the cache above to load and cache dependencies
const graph = await createGraph("", {

// log out the console a similar output to `deno info` on the command line.


Provides an interface to Deno's CLI cache.


Creates a cache object that allows access to the internal DENO_DIR cache structure for remote dependencies and cached output of emitted modules.

Type Aliases

A setting that determines how the cache is handled for remote dependencies.