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🦕 Deno native way to manage versioning and changelogs.

deno run --unstable --allow-read --allow-write --help

Getting started

There are a few constraints to consider when using deno_changesets:

  • Versioning follows semver
  • Changelogs follow keep a changelog
  • Versions are stored as git tags
  • Repositories should expose a single module (subdirectory support coming soon)
  • There are no configuration options

See: Adding a module on the Deno docs.

Creating a changeset

Creates a new changeset inside the .changeset folder.

deno run --unstable --allow-read --allow-write create


Releasing collects all previously created changsets, translates them to a version bump (patch, minor, major) with the highest taking precedence, updates changelogs, and then pushes to remote.

deno run --unstable --allow-read --allow-write release