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This repository includes a compiled version of the Rust crate as Web Assembly and exposes an interface which is available via the mod.ts and can be imported like this:

import { doc } from "{VERSION}/mod.ts";

Where {VERSION} should be substituted with the specific version you want to use.


The doc() function takes a string URL module specifier and potentially some options, and asynchronously resolves with an array of documentation nodes, which represent the surface API of the module.

A minimal example of using doc() and printing out some information about a function:

import { doc } from "{VERSION}/mod.ts";

const colorsDoc = await doc("");

for (const node of colorsDoc) {
  console.log(`name: ${} kind: ${node.kind}`);

The doc() function needs a way to retrieve modules, and by default uses a load() function provided by deno_graph which uses fetch() for remote modules and Deno.readFile() for local modules. This means that doc() will require that appropriate read/net permissions to function properly. It will prompt for them if not provided at startup.


The foundational type for the documentation is the DocNode and is exported from the mod.ts.