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Slack API Client for Deno Run on Slack projects

import { SlackAPI } from "";

const client = SlackAPI(token);

// ...or create a client with options
const client = SlackAPI(token, {
  slackApiUrl: "...",

  text: "hello there",
  channel: "...",

// respond to a response_url
await client.response("...", payload);

// use apiCall() w/ method name
await client.apiCall("chat.postMessage", {
  text: "hello there",
  channel: "...",


A recent version of deno.


Releases for this repository follow the SemVer versioning scheme. The SDK’s contract is determined by the top-level exports from src/mod.ts and src/types.ts. Exports not included in these files are deemed internal and any modifications will not be treated as breaking changes. As such, internal exports should be treated as unstable and used at your own risk.

Running Tests

If you make changes to this repo, or just want to make sure things are working as desired, you can run:

deno task test

To get a full test coverage report, run:

deno task coverage

Getting Help

We welcome contributions from everyone! Please check out our Contributor’s Guide for how to contribute in a helpful and collaborative way.