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Deflate, Gzip, and Zlib for WebAssembly

WebAssembly port of Rust’s flate2, a Rust implementation of Deflate, Gzip, and Zlib compressions.

npm i @hazae41/foras

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import { Foras, deflate, inflate } from "@hazae41/foras";
// or { Foras, gzip, gunzip }
// or { Foras, zlib, unzlib }

// Wait for WASM to load

const bytes = new TextEncoder().encode("Hello world")

const compressed = deflate(bytes)
const decompressed = inflate(compressed)

Unreproducible building

You need to install Rust

Then, install wasm-pack

cargo install wasm-pack

Finally, do a clean install and build

npm ci && npm run build

Reproducible building

You can build the exact same bytecode using Docker, just be sure you’re on a linux/amd64 host

docker compose up --build

Then check that all the files are the same using git status

git status --porcelain

If the output is empty then the bytecode is the same as the one I commited

Automated checks

Each time I commit to the repository, the GitHub’s CI does the following:

  • Clone the repository
  • Reproduce the build using docker compose up --build
  • Throw an error if the git status --porcelain output is not empty

Each time I release a new version tag on GitHub, the GitHub’s CI does the following:

  • Clone the repository
  • Do not reproduce the build, as it’s already checked by the task above
  • Throw an error if there is a npm diff between the cloned repository and the same version tag on NPM

If a version is present on NPM but not on GitHub, do not use!