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👀 Monitor any changes in your Deno application and automatically restart.
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import * as denon from "";


Denon instance. Holds loaded configuration and handles creation of daemons with the start(script) method.

Handle all the things related to process management. Scripts are built into executable commands that are executed by and managed in an Executable object to make available process events.

Watches for file changes in paths path yielding an array of all of the changes each time one or more changes are detected. It is debounced by interval, recursive, exts, match and skip are filtering the files which will yield a change


The default denon configuration


A file that was changed, created or removed

Runner configuration. This configuration is, in contrast to other, extended by Denon config as scripts has to be a top level parameter.

All of the options for the watch generator

Type Aliases

Events you can listen to when creating a denon instance as module: