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🐜 denops_std

Vim 9.0.2189 or above Neovim 0.9.4 or above Test codecov deno doc Documentation deno land

Standard module for denops.vim.

This module is assumed to be used for developing denops plugins. The code is assumed to be called in a dedicated worker thread.

By using this module, developers can write Vim/Neovim denops plugins like:

import type { Denops } from "";
import * as batch from "";
import * as fn from "";
import * as vars from "";
import * as helper from "";

import { assert, is } from "";

export function main(denops: Denops): void {
  denops.dispatcher = {
    async init() {
      // This is just an example. Developers usually should define commands directly in Vim script.
      await batch.batch(denops, async (denops) => {
        await denops.cmd(
          `command! HelloWorld call denops#notify("${}", "say", ["World"])`,
        await denops.cmd(
          `command! HelloDenops call denops#notify("${}", "say", ["Denops"])`,
    async say(where) {
      assert(where, is.String);
      const [name, progname] = await batch.collect(denops, (denops) => [
        fn.input(denops, "Your name: "),
        vars.v.get(denops, "progname"),
      const messages = [
        `Hello ${where}.`,
        `Your name is ${name}.`,
        `This is ${progname}.`,
      await helper.echo(denops, messages.join("\n"));

Note that developers should avoid calling initialization code within the main function. If necessary, add an init API or a similar approach like above and call it from plugin/<your_plugin>.vim.

See Denops Documentation or denops-helloworld.vim for more details.


The code follows MIT license written in LICENSE. Contributors need to agree that any modifications sent in this repository follow the license.