A minimal profile page generator for Deno Deploy
import * as denote from "https://deno.land/x/denote@0.2.1/deps.ts";


character reference to &

character reference to >

character reference to <

character reference to "


Make an assertion, error will be thrown if expr does not have truthy value.

Make an assertion that actual and expected are equal, deeply. If not deeply equal, then throw.

Executes a function, expecting it to throw. If it does not, then it throws. An error class and a string that should be included in the error message can also be asserted. Or you can pass a callback which will be passed the error, usually to apply some custom assertions on it.

createHash 👎 deprecated

Creates a new Hash instance.

Creates a debounced function that delays the given func by a given wait time in milliseconds. If the method is called again before the timeout expires, the previous call will be aborted.

Decodes a given RFC4648 base64 encoded string

CREDIT: https://gist.github.com/enepomnyaschih/72c423f727d395eeaa09697058238727 Encodes a given Uint8Array, ArrayBuffer or string into RFC4648 base64 representation

Converts an object literal to a JSON string and returns a Response with application/json as the content-type.

Applies the given transformer to all values in the given record and returns a new record containing the resulting keys associated to the last value that produced them.

Take a set of command line arguments, with an optional set of options, and return an object representation of those argument.

Parses content as single YAML document.

Creates an array of shuffled values, using a version of the Fisher-Yates shuffle.

serve() registers "fetch" event listener and invokes the provided route handler for the route with the request as first argument and processed path params as the second.

Serializes object as a YAML document.

Render markup tag.

Validate whether the incoming request meets the provided terms.