a little bit of a framework


a little bit of a framework

  • Deno-first
  • Powered by esbuild (with import-map support)
  • Preset usage
  • HMR (Hot Module Reloading)


Dite currently only supports a vanilla framework. preact and svelte are coming soon but are availalbe for testing.


First, install dite (make sure you have deno installed first).

deno install -A --unstable -f -n=dite https://raw.githubusercontent.com/LeoDog896/dite/main/cli/index.ts

Create a new project with: dite create <type> [project-name]


Dite has two modes: dev (live server), and build (static support, coming soon).

To use these, do deno task dev or deno task build respectively.


Routing is currently done by finding the first matching route. For example, if / is called, the route index.? is imported. If /example is called, the route example.? is imported.

but isn't there others?

this isn't meant to be a replacement for fresh or svel, but rather the backbone for any website. fresh and svel both cater to their respecitive preact and svelte situations, but dite is meant to be a more general solution.