Lightweight Deno Module Manager
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import * as dmm from "https://deno.land/x/dmm@v2.1.0/mod.ts";

Deno Module Manager

Deno Module Manager

dmm is a simple CLI tool to bump your dependencies from your deps.ts to their latest versions.


  • Zero 3rd party dependencies
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Will update your dependencies for you
  • Accounts for 3rd party and Deno Standard modules
  • Installation is optional
  • No variants of node_modules and package.json
  • No extra configuration around import maps

Getting Started

Get started here with a basic example.

How It Works

dmm reads the deps.ts file at the current working directory -- checking versioned import and export statements and checking to see if they can be updated. If any dependency can be updated, it lets you know which ones can be updated; and if you want to update them, dmm will rewrite your deps.ts file so that your dependencies reflect their latest versions.

Note: nest.land may not reflect the latest Deno Standard Modules version immediately after Deno releases a new version. Please keep this in mind when importing your modules via nest.land.

Want to contribute? Follow the Contributing Guidelines here. All code is released under the MIT License.