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Dpm - CLI :sauropod:

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Dpm Deno Package Manager is a simple, modern and easy way to manage the Deno modules and dependencies that help to write and manage the Deno modules and in general any TypeScript or JavaScript code

Features :computer:

  • Build all with TypeScript
  • deno lint and deno fmt commands support
  • Config generator for deno lint, deno fmt and deno test
  • Manage all in a dpm.json file with the same syntax of the package.json and more features
  • Generate all dependencies from a import_map.json file
  • Offline documentation manager
  • Tools helper manager: install all tools for a better Deno development
  • Update the dependencies manager
  • Information about some directories and versions
  • Powerful logger system

Installation 🚀

Stable Version:

deno run -A --unstable stable

Development Version can check the features roadmap here:

deno run -A --unstable canary

Recommendation for Windows with the EMOJIS 👽

Well I found a bug with emojis in the CLI and tried to find a solution and found this comment about this issue and what causes this issue.

There is an issue with Deno.stdout.write which doesn't handle unicode characters well. There is already an deno issue denoland/deno#6001.
But i found a workaourund here denoland/deno#6131 (comment).
You have to enable utf8 character encoding in windows than it should work.

Source Here

And the solution proposed is added this to the top of the profile.ps1 file can be accessibly with this command notepad $PROFILE on Powershell!

[Console]::OutputEncoding = [Text.UTF8Encoding]::UTF8

Usage 👽

Start a basic Deno project :mega:

For start a Deno project with all files you only need make this:

# Start a new folder
$ mkdir my_project && cd my_project

# Start a all fully featured Dpm project
$ dpm init -A

# Answer the questions and done!

If you just need to start dpm_imports.json and dpm.json files without questions you need to run:

# Start a new folder!
$ mkdir my_project && cd my_project

# Start only necessary files project
$ dpm init -y

If you want to restart or only write one file you need to run

# Start a new folder
$ mkdir my_project && cd my_project

# Start only one file
$ dpm init -f readme

## Note:
## Check the files avaliable on dpm init help
## for start a file like: readme, deno-config or eggs
## You need start the dpm.json file

Install dependencies with Dpm :package:

Dpm does not download files on the computer, only write the correct url at dpm_imports.json and make an experience of development like NodeJS with NPM or Yarn

For install dependencies from the registry you only need to write:

$ dpm install draco dlog2

For install dependencies from the Deno std registry you only need to use this:

$ dpm install flag async http path --std

## You need put the name of the library and the flag -s or --std

For install dependencies from other host or registries you need to run:

$ dpm install example_dep --host

Use the dependencies with Dpm :package:

To use the modules installed at dpm_imports.json, you need to use like Node:

import { serve } from 'http/server.ts';

serve((req) => new Response('Hello World\n'));

To configure DPM to work with code editors, you need to download the plugin for your editor and fill the deno.config field at ./deno.json and the deno.importMap field at ./dpm_imports.json.

Uninstall dependencies with Dpm :star2:

Dpm does not delete any libraries from your computer, it just deletes the dpm_imports.json file

To uninstall all dependencies at dpm_imports.json you need to run:

$ dpm uninstall -A

For uninstall just one specific dependency you need to run:

$ dpm uninstall draco dlog2

Automate commands with Deno tasks 🤖

Many apps need some commands, and you do not like write this many times this command and here are the amazing and incredible Deno tasks well with this you can automate many things and are integrated with Deno but how can make this amazing tool better here are the task command on Dpm.

To add a task to the files well you only need to run:

$ dpm task -n

And this adds the task at deno.json and dpm.json, well but if I add a new task at dpm.json How can update this? You only need to run this command:

$ dpm task -u

You want to see what commands you have, and this files here are the list in a beautiful table.

$ dpm task -l deno # To see the deno.json file
$ dpm task -l dpm # To see the dpm.json file
$ dpm task -l all # To see the dpm and deno.json files

Here are all basic features of Dpm if you want to ⚠️ but exists more features you can check Dpm doc help :white_check_mark:

Contribution Guides 📚

Thanks for want to help to this project, to contribute you can check the contributing file

Made with :heart: in :earth_americas: