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Drake is a make-like task runner for Deno.
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export { help };
function help(): void { console.log(manpage);}
const manpage = String.raw `NAME drake - a make-like task runner for Deno.
DESCRIPTION The Drake TypeScript library provides functions for defining and executing build TASKs on the Deno runtime.
A DRAKEFILE is a TypeScript module file containing Drake task definitions. The 'drake' CLI is a thin wrapper for executing a DRAKEFILE.
A Drake VARIABLE is a named string value e.g. 'vers=0.1.0'. Variables are accessed via the Drake 'env' object e.g. 'env.vers' or 'env["vers"]'.
OPTIONS -a, --always-make Unconditionally execute tasks. -d, --directory DIR Change to directory DIR before running drakefile. -f, --drakefile FILE Use FILE as drakefile (default: './Drakefile.ts'). -h, --help Display this help message. -l, --list-tasks Display task names, descriptions and prerequisites. -n, --dry-run Skip task execution. -q, --quiet Do not log drake messages to standard output. --version Display the drake version.
ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES NO_COLOR Set to disable color (see
SEE ALSO The Drake user guide:`;