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Drake is a make-like task runner for Deno.
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// import { desc, env, execute, run, sh, task } from "";import { desc, env, execute, run, sh, task } from "../mod.ts";
desc("Minimal Drake task");task("hello", [], function() { console.log("Hello World!");});
desc("Actionless task with prerequisites");task("prereqs", ["noop", "pause"]);
desc("Synchronous task that does nothing");task("noop", ["pause"], function() { console.log(env); console.log(`${this.desc} executing in ${Deno.cwd()}`); console.log(`$HOME=${Deno.env("HOME")}`);});
desc("Execute shell command");task("shell", [], async function() { await sh("echo Hello World");});
desc("Execute multiple shell commands sequentially");task("sequential", [], async function() { await sh("echo Hello World"); await sh("sleep 1"); await sh("ls"); await sh("sleep 1"); await sh("wc Drakefile.ts"); await sh("sleep 1");});
desc("Execute multiple shell commands concurrently");task("concurrent", [], async function() { await sh( ["echo one && sleep 1", "echo two && sleep 1", "echo three && sleep 1"] );});
desc("Execute bash shell script");task("script", [], async function() { await sh(`set -e # Exit immediately on error. echo Hello World if [ "$EUID" -eq 0 ]; then echo "Running as root" else echo "Running as $USER" fi ls wc Drakefile.ts`);});
desc("Asynchronous task pauses for 1 second");task("pause", [], async function() { await new Promise(resolve => { setTimeout(() => { resolve(); }, 1000); });});
desc("File task");task("/tmp/file1", ["shell", "/tmp/file2"], function() { console.log(this.desc);});
desc("Execute shell command");task("shell2", ["shell"], async function() { await sh("echo Hello World 2");});
desc("execute noop action function");task("execute", [], async function() { await execute("noop");});
desc("execute actions asynchronously");task("async-execute", [], async function() { await execute(["noop", "shell2", "pause", "hello"]);});
desc("run noop and shell tasks");task("run", [], async function() { await run("noop", "shell");});