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Drake is a make-like task runner for Deno.
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import * as path from "";import { desc, env, execute, glob, run, sh, task,} from "";// } from "../mod.ts";
desc("command-line usage");task("help", [], function () { console.log(`Example Drakefile illustrating dynamic task creation.
Dynamically create file tasks to compile markdown source files to HTML.Execute them synchronously and asynchronously with 'compile-sync' and'compile-async' tasks respectively.
Example usage:
deno run -A dynamic-tasks.ts compile-async mdfiles=~/doc/test/*.md outdir=/tmp
Environment variables:
mdfiles=<markdown source files glob> (default: "*.md")outdir=<output directory for compiled HTML files> (default: mdfiles directory)
- The 'compile-async' task runs up to 5 times faster than 'compile-sync'.- Increase the maximum number of open file descriptors with ulimit(1) if there are 'Too many open files (os error 24)'.- Test results compiling 5000 markdown files:
compile-async: 42.5s (5000 files updated) compile-async: 0.8s (0 files updated) compile-sync: 311s (5000 files updated) compile-sync: 0.8s (0 files updated)
const tasks: string[] = [];const mdfiles = env("mdfiles") || "*.md";const outdir = env("outdir") || path.dirname(mdfiles);
for (const prereq of glob(mdfiles)) { let target = `${prereq.replace(/\.[^/.]+$/, "")}.html`; target = path.join(outdir, path.basename(target)); // Create a file task to compile the markdown source file. task(target, [prereq], async function () { await sh(`marked "${prereq}" > "${target}"`); }); tasks.push(target);}
desc("compile markdown files synchronously");task("compile-sync", tasks);
desc("compile markdown files asynchronously");task("compile-async", [], async function () { await execute(...tasks);});
await run();