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Structured concurrency and effects for JavaScript
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interface Scope
import { type Scope } from "";

A programatic API to interact with an Effection scope from outside of an Operation.

Most often this is used to integrate external APIs with Effection by capturing a Scope from a running operation with useScope, and then using it to call back into itself from a callback.

The following example calls into Effection to implement a proxy around a google search by using express.js.


Example 1

import { main, useScope, suspend } from "effection";
import { express } from "express";

await main(function*() {
  let scope = yield* useScope();
  express().get("/", (req, resp) => {
    return*() {
      let signal = yield* useAbortSignal();
      let response = yield* fetch(`${req.params.q}`, { signal });
      resp.send(yield* response.text());
  yield* suspend();


run<T>(operation: () => Operation<T>): Task<T>

Spawn an Operation within Scope.

This is used to create concurrent tasks from outside of a running operation.

get<T>(context: Context<T>): T | undefined

Get a Context value from outside of an operation.

set<T>(context: Context<T>, value: T): T

Set the value of a Context from outside of an operation