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Deno module resolution for esbuild.


This example bundles an entrypoint into a single ESM output.

import * as esbuild from "";
// Import the WASM build on platforms running subprocesses (``) is not
// permitted, such as Deno Deploy, or when running without `--allow-run`.
// import * as esbuild from "";

import { denoPlugin } from "";

const result = await{
  plugins: [denoPlugin()],
  entryPoints: [""],
  outfile: "./dist/sha1.esm.js",
  bundle: true,
  format: "esm",




This plugins requires the following permissions:

  • --allow-read if you need to resolve local files.
  • --allow-net if you need to resolve remote files.

If the program is run with --allow-run, the plugin will use the deno binary to resolve remote files. This allows the plugin to re-use the Deno module cache.