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Deno module resolution for `esbuild`
namespace esbuildWasm
import { esbuildWasm } from "";


Pretty-prints an analysis of the metafile JSON to a string. This is just for convenience to be able to match esbuild's pretty-printing exactly. If you want to customize it, you can just inspect the data in the metafile yourself.

A synchronous version of "analyzeMetafile".

This function invokes the "esbuild" command-line tool for you. It returns a promise that either resolves with a "BuildResult" object or rejects with a "BuildFailure" object.

A synchronous version of "build".

This is the advanced long-running form of "build" that supports additional features such as watch mode and a local development server.

Converts log messages to formatted message strings suitable for printing in the terminal. This allows you to reuse the built-in behavior of esbuild's log message formatter. This is a batch-oriented API for efficiency.

A synchronous version of "formatMessages".

This configures the browser-based version of esbuild. It is necessary to call this first and wait for the returned promise to be resolved before making other API calls when using esbuild in the browser.

This function transforms a single JavaScript file. It can be used to minify JavaScript, convert TypeScript/JSX to JavaScript, or convert newer JavaScript to older JavaScript. It returns a promise that is either resolved with a "TransformResult" object or rejected with a "TransformFailure" object.

A synchronous version of "transform".