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💧EventEmitter's typesafe replacement
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interface dom.URLSearchParams
import { type dom } from "";
const { URLSearchParams } = dom;


append(name: string, value: string): void

Appends a specified key/value pair as a new search parameter.

delete(name: string): void

Deletes the given search parameter, and its associated value, from the list of all search parameters.

get(name: string): string | null

Returns the first value associated to the given search parameter.

getAll(name: string): string[]

Returns all the values association with a given search parameter.

has(name: string): boolean

Returns a Boolean indicating if such a search parameter exists.

set(name: string, value: string): void

Sets the value associated to a given search parameter to the given value. If there were several values, delete the others.

sort(): void
toString(): string

Returns a string containing a query string suitable for use in a URL. Does not include the question mark.

forEach(callbackfn: (
value: string,
key: string,
) => void
, thisArg?: any
): void