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💧EventEmitter's typesafe replacement
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interface dom.WindowEventMap
import { type dom } from "";
const { WindowEventMap } = dom;


abort: UIEvent
afterprint: Event
beforeprint: Event
beforeunload: BeforeUnloadEvent
canplay: Event
canplaythrough: Event
change: Event
click: MouseEvent
compassneedscalibration: Event
contextmenu: MouseEvent
dblclick: MouseEvent
devicelight: DeviceLightEvent
devicemotion: DeviceMotionEvent
deviceorientation: DeviceOrientationEvent
deviceorientationabsolute: DeviceOrientationEvent
drag: DragEvent
dragend: DragEvent
dragenter: DragEvent
dragleave: DragEvent
dragover: DragEvent
dragstart: DragEvent
drop: DragEvent
durationchange: Event
emptied: Event
ended: Event
error: ErrorEvent
focus: FocusEvent
hashchange: HashChangeEvent
input: Event
invalid: Event
keydown: KeyboardEvent
keypress: KeyboardEvent
load: Event
loadeddata: Event
loadedmetadata: Event
loadstart: Event
message: MessageEvent
mousedown: MouseEvent
mouseenter: MouseEvent
mouseleave: MouseEvent
mousemove: MouseEvent
mouseout: MouseEvent
mouseover: MouseEvent
mouseup: MouseEvent
mousewheel: Event
MSGestureChange: Event
MSGestureDoubleTap: Event
MSGestureEnd: Event
MSGestureHold: Event
MSGestureStart: Event
MSGestureTap: Event
MSInertiaStart: Event
MSPointerCancel: Event
MSPointerDown: Event
MSPointerEnter: Event
MSPointerLeave: Event
MSPointerMove: Event
MSPointerOut: Event
MSPointerOver: Event
MSPointerUp: Event
offline: Event
online: Event
orientationchange: Event
pause: Event
play: Event
playing: Event
popstate: PopStateEvent
ratechange: Event
readystatechange: ProgressEvent<Window>
reset: Event
resize: UIEvent
scroll: Event
seeked: Event
seeking: Event
select: Event
stalled: Event
storage: StorageEvent
submit: Event
suspend: Event
timeupdate: Event
unload: Event
volumechange: Event
vrdisplayactivate: Event
vrdisplayblur: Event
vrdisplayconnect: Event
vrdisplaydeactivate: Event
vrdisplaydisconnect: Event
vrdisplayfocus: Event
vrdisplaypointerrestricted: Event
vrdisplaypointerunrestricted: Event
vrdisplaypresentchange: Event
waiting: Event