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Fast and simple web application framework for deno
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{ "lock": false, "imports": { "react/": "" }, "compilerOptions": { "jsx": "react-jsx", "jsxImportSource": "react", "lib": [ "dom", "dom.iterable", "dom.asynciterable", "deno.ns", "deno.unstable" ] }, "tasks": { "start": "deno run -A --watch main.ts", "test": "rm -rf cov && deno test -A --coverage=cov && deno coverage cov", "coverage": "deno coverage cov --lcov > cov.lcov", "bench": "deno run -A bench/run.ts", "deno": "deno run -A examples/deno.ts", "fastro": "deno run -A examples/fastro.ts", "hello_json": "deno run -A examples/hello_json.ts", "hello_jsx": "deno run -A examples/hello_jsx.tsx", "hello_string": "deno run -A examples/hello_string.ts", "hello_world_fastro_json": "deno run -A examples/hello_world_fastro_json.ts", "hello_world_fastro_jsx": "deno run -A examples/hello_world_fastro_jsx.tsx", "hello_world_fastro": "deno run -A examples/hello_world_fastro.ts", "hello_world": "deno run -A examples/hello_world.ts", "middleware": "deno run -A --unstable examples/middleware.ts", "params": "deno run -A examples/params.ts", "ssr": "deno run -A examples/ssr.ts", "static_file": "deno run -A examples/static_file.ts", "string": "deno run -A examples/string.ts" }}