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Fast and simple web application framework for deno
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const format = "jwk";export const keyType = "AES-GCM";export const keyUsages: KeyUsage[] = ["encrypt", "decrypt"];export const SALT = crypto.randomUUID().replace(/-/g, "");export function reverseString(str: string) { return str.split("").reverse().join("").replace("}", "").replace("{", "");}export function addSalt(inputString: string, salt: string) { return salt + inputString + salt;}export function clean(v: string) { return v.replace("{", "").replace("}", "");}export function atobMe(r: string) { return atob(r);}export function extractOriginalString(saltedString: string, salt: string) { if (saltedString.startsWith(salt) && saltedString.endsWith(salt)) { const withoutSalt = saltedString.slice(salt.length, -salt.length); return withoutSalt; } else { console.log("Salt doesn't match."); return null; }}
export const keyPromise = crypto.subtle.generateKey( { name: keyType, length: 256 }, true, keyUsages,);
export function exportCryptoKey(key: CryptoKey) { return crypto.subtle.exportKey(format, key).then((exportedKey) => { return JSON.stringify(exportedKey); });}
export function importCryptoKey( exportedKeyString: string, keyType: string, keyUsages: KeyUsage[],) { return crypto.subtle.importKey( format, JSON.parse(exportedKeyString), { name: keyType }, true, keyUsages, );}